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Beat Web site For The Production Team

Sell Beats online as a production team or company.

Many producers online collaborate on music production. There are also many production companies and groups of producers that team up to produce and sell beats online. With this software package, up to five producers can upload beats and sell them online as a production team or company.

The pro software will allow you to upload up to 1000 beats (MP3 Files) to be sold for whatever price desired. You have complete control over the website and can make custom changes to brand your production company.

This software is very similar to the basic package but offers a few more benefits.

- You can have up to 5 producers sell beats with the pro software on one website.

- You will have complete accounting of beats sales made by each producer.

- You have the ability to pay all producers at one time

- Each producer can receive administration access to administer website.

There are so many benefits to owning your own beat website which you will immediately discover. Give this software a try and you will be satisfied with the results.

What is the difference between owning and leasing the Pro software?

1. When you own the Pro software you may host the website on your own server/hosting. You will not have to pay a monthly lease fee and you will receive a lifetime product license.

2. When you own the Pro software you can have 5 producers and 1000 beats on your website. The month to month lease will only allow you to have 5 producers and 500 beats.