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Beat Website For The Solo Producer

Selling your own beats online with your own website can be as simple as setting up an email account. Our basic beat selling website software is for the solo producer that wants their own beat website.

This software will allow you to upload up to 250 of your own beats (MP3 Files) and sell them for what ever price you wish to sell them for. You have complete control over the website and can make custom changes to brand your own production name. You no longer have to promote and brand other websites and producers while you market your beats.

Installation for any beat website is simple and easy. You simply download the script and place it wherever you want to host it. You own the software license for life. Never worry about additional fees.

How Do You Benefit By Using Your Own Beat Selling Website?

There are many benefits to having your own beat website.

1. You don't have to pay any commissions for any beats you sell. You keep 100% of your sales and never split your profits with anyone.

2. Unlike when you are on a site with hundreds of producers, you can brand your own beat production company and the website traffic all goes to you.

3. You never have to worry about the beat sales count as you would on other beat selling sites. You can be assured that what you sell goes to your bank account.

4. You don't have to pay any beat uploading fees or worry about anyone raising fees or taking more of your commissions after you brand your self on their website. With your own site, you earn 100% of the sale all the time.

Their are so many benefits to owning your own beat website that you will immediately discover after you have your own. You are in complete control.

Take the step today and get the only software out there that is 100% guaranteed to make the difference with your beat sales on the internet.

What is the difference between owning and leasing the Basic software?

1. When you own the Basic software you may host the website on your own server/hosting. You will not have to pay a monthly lease fee and you will receive a lifetime product license.

2. When you own the Basic software you can have one producer and 250 beats on your website. The month to month lease will only allow you to have one producers and 200 beats.