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You GET Many Marketing Features to help YOU Promote Your BEATS!

Ipad Beat Website Screen

2.0 is here! New features

Mobile Responsive

Auto Voice Tag for All Devices

Producer and Artist Paid Subscription w/PayPal

Offer Wav File Downloads and/or  Tracked Out Sessions

Our Marketing Features Will Get Your Beats Heard

When you sign up today to start your very own beat website, you will automatically be enroll in our FREE Advertising network. By joining our community of music producers and other beat website owners, you will get free ad placement on other beat websites by simply promoting your own site. More details below as your continue to read below…

If you are not using email autoresponders to boost your beat sales, you are leaving money on the table. Your new beat website comes with free email autoresponders  that could be set up for weeks, months and even years. You will be able to set your beat promotion on auto-pilot while allowing your beat website to do the email marketing work for you.  Read below for more details…

Beat Websites come with an Affiliate Marketing Program to help boost your beat sales and profits. You simply can cash in by allowing others to promote your beats to share in the profits. We have built the system for you. All you have to do is turn it on in your beat website admin panel and let others know they can receive commissions for sending you beat buyers. Keep reading below for more details…

With respect to your needs

We offer you 4 ways to sell your beats online.

Selling Beats Online is still a valuable way to generate most of your beat sales. Upload them today on your own beat website.

Offering a tracked out version for your beats is an effective way to generate more income per sale.

Offering your beats in a wav format can be very convenient for your customers and something they will appreciate.

An Exclusive Right option on your site opens up the door to generate even more income. You only set the price and that option is available for all your customers.

Beat Website Mp3 Wav and Tracked out sells
SEO for Beats Websites
Pay pal Music Subscriptions for arist and music producers
Sell More Beats With Mobile Ready Beat Sites

Producer and Artist Subscriptions

We have enhanced our beat tagging system in this latest release. Your beats are now mixed with your tag of choice upon uploading them to your website. There are many ways for beat thieves to still your beats. However with your website auto tagging system, and our latest security updates, it makes it even harder for them to be successful.

Sell Your Beats as Wavs or MP3's

Beat websites 2.0 gives your beat buyers the opportunity to purchase wav or mp3 file formats. This makes it easier for you to manage the process of delivering beats to your clients. The website handles that for you. As an enterprise owner you can set the file types you will allow other producers to sell on your website.

More Custom Design Features

New Controls are now available for your beat website 2.0 software. With the new release comes more design options. Once you are logged in your admin panel, you simply can change the look and feel of your beat website with a few clicks.

Beat Website Dashboard

Build Your Website With Our Easy Control Panel

Many features to help you with ease.

No need to learn how to code. Choose your theme colors and work on what’s more important. SELLING BEATS !!!!

Manage your beats sales and others with and easy order tracking system. Keep track of your sales and other producer beat sale in one place.

Jump in now and give your beat business a boost!

Everything You Need to Create an Exceptional Beat Website

Here's A Complete Upgrade List

New Features and Upgrades

Want to Purchase a Beat Website Software Package

If you would like to own your Beat Website Enterprise software 2.0 with free lifetime upgrade, you can receive a full version for only $499.99

To develop a software of its kind would cost more than $9999.00 We have done all of the hard work of putting together a website with all the built in features needed to successfully market your beat business.

Enterprise 2.0 Software

  • Unlimited Producers
  • Upload Unlimited Beats
  • Mobile/Tablet Ready
  • Lifetime 2.0 Software License
$249.00/One Time
Purchase Now

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Previous Version?

Limited Time Special for Your Enterprise 1.0 version

Upgrade today  save $50.00 off the official purchase price.

Version 2.0 Upgrade (Purchased or leased Version)

If you already purchased or Leased a Beat Website, this is an upgrade package. This new upgrade will update your database, restructure your current theme for mobile use and give you all the latest software upgrades for your website. Because this is a restructure to your entire website and not a simple update, there is a fee to upgrade to new version. After this purchase, all of your version 2.0 updates and upgrade will be free.

$49.99 /One Time Upgrade

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We Can Design Your Beat Website Header

Limited Time Special for Your Website Header Design

Click Images to Enlarge

Beat Site Web Design
Beat Selling Header
Beat Website Web Design
Sell Beats Header Sample
Mixtape Design
Sample Beat Website Header
Buy Beats Sample Header
Diaper Beats Sample Header

Beat Website Custom Design Service

If you need your beat website designed, we can provide you with custom header and logo for your beat business.

$90.00 /Header/Logo/Design

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